How To Be A Sane Mom Amid The COVID-19 Chaos

Moms, are you freaking out about having your kids home from school during this COVID-19 crisis?

I am!

With schools closing for at least 2 weeks, and mandatory schoolwork assigned to our kids, we have yet another role to play: Homeschooling Mamas!

But before you panic, take a deep breath!

We’re going to refocus our energy away from fear, learn fantastic tips from my friend who homeschools her kids on the regular, and use a daily schedule to keep us from losing our marbles!

You can download a FREE COPY of the schedule at the end of my post!

Leaning Into Love, Not The Fear

Before we chat about homeschooling and schedules, let’s take a moment to acknowledge our our own fears! Like you, I am scared. There are lots of unknowns surrounding COVID-19.

Our kids may also be scared. They’ve probably heard bits and pieces about the virus and now they’re looking to us to make them feel safe. If we show strong emotions and panic, it will trickle down to our kids.

Moms, we can use this time to model for our children how to lean into the love, not the fear.

Its not easy, but I’m working hard to refocus my energy away from the panic and instead, lean into love. Leaning into love by helping those in need (ex. going to the store for my elderly neighbor who is at risk because of her age and comorbidities). Leaning into love with my family by viewing this time as a chance to bond and slow down. With schools shut down and extracurricular activities cancelled, we’ll have lots (tons!) of time together. We have an opportunity to slow down (as opposed to our usual rushing from activity to activity) and connect with each other.

Try it with me Moms! Grab your family and lean into the love!

Our New Role: Homeschooling Mamas

I spoke with my friend who homeschools her children on purpose (God bless her!). Here are some awesome tips she shared with me!

  1. Keep It Simple: Don’t try to cram too much into each day. Know your non-negotiable items and let those drive your daily schedule (our non-negotiables are healthy meals, completing assigned school work, physical exercise and a reasonable bedtime). As for the other “stuff” (such as organize the pantry, mop the floors, watch a family movie), if you can’t fit it in – don’t stress!
  2. Take Breaks: Kids and sitting still don’t mix. My homeschooling friend suggests 20 minute increments (a little more or less depending on your child’s age). Take breaks to run around in the yard, blow some bubbles, or dance to music.
  3. Know When To Stop: Your child’s behavior will let you know when they’re brains are done with schoolwork for the day. If they’re tuning you out, not concentrating, or its becoming a battle; put the work away! Either for the day, or for a few hours; and try again later.

    Her behavior is clearly communicating that her brain is done with school work for the day!
  4. Follow A Daily Schedule: You can follow it as strictly or fluidly as you want. But at least let it guide you and the kids through your day.

Why A Daily Schedule?

  1. Kids do best with routine. Routines and schedules give them a sense of security and self-discipline. During times of change and stress routines help our kiddos feel safe and know what to expect next.
  2. Schedules help eliminate power struggles with your kids. You aren’t bossing them around…the schedule is.
  3. Moms, we have so many tasks to achieve each day! Add “homeschooling” to our list and its enough to put us over the edge! Without these tasks listed on paper, you’re keeping your brain “on” 24/7 as it tries to remember your entire “To Do List.” Schedule out your tasks – it frees your mind to be present and enjoy the small moments with your kids.

Our Family’s “COVID-19 Daily (Keep Mama Sane) Schedule”

We sat with our 4 kids and reviewed this schedule. Its important that they understand the expectations over these next few weeks (Sorry kids! This ain’t Christmas Break!). We will continue to use weekends as “free time” without school work. But Monday – Friday, this is the schedule we’ll follow while the schools are closed.

I’ll be flexible because there will be times I may need to switch things around. But for the most part, this will keep us all on task and allow me to incorporate some self-care (super important if I’m going to survive!).


Download your copy of our COVID-19 Daily “Keep Your Sanity” Schedule!

How are you staying sane during this time of chaos? Let me know in the comments!

Stay healthy! Lean into the love!

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