Clutter Free Easter Basket Ideas

The Easter Bunny is coming!

With thoughts of Easter baskets looming in our heads, is it just me feeling overwhelmed with the idea of adding more toys and clutter into my home?

You know the drill…you bring home the bunny ears and the cheap trinket toys from the Target Dollar Section (not bashing it – I love me some Target Dollar finds!). They kids play with them for roughly .02 seconds…and it all becomes clutter!

Welp, I’ve been in deep discussions with Mr. Easter Bunny and we have some fun, yet clutter-free, gift ideas for our Easter baskets!

Before we start chatting about gift ideas…Did You Know The Clutter In Your Home Could Be Causing You Anxiety?

This past year, I started noticing that when my home is cluttered; I become insane anxious and short-tempered. Dishes piled in the sink, dirty socks and toys cast all over the floor, kitchen counters piled with papers…I’m getting hives just thinking about it. Exhibit A: this pile of random papers is a fixture on my kitchen counter…

I’m not alone in stressing over all this crap STUFF. I recently read an article from Psychology Today that says clutter actually bombards our minds with excess stimuli. And I so deeply relate to this!

With four kids we have an endless amount of school papers, lego pieces, Barbie shoes, crayons, matchbox cars, dress-up clothes, and nerf gun bullets…EVERYWHERE!

Since now understanding how a cluttered home impacts my anxiety and mood, I’m determined to be intentional about every item we bring into our home. Including gifts!

Junk-Free Easter Baskets

Here’s what the Easter Bunny and I came up with for our Clutter-Free Easter! Each of these suggestions are my kids’ favorites and have been tested, roughed-up, and well-loved by our 4 children for years.


These are my favorite type of gifts for my older kids (toddlers may not understand the point, so I save these for my big kids). Experiences create memories and can be a perfect time for “special” one-on-one time with your child. Here are a few we’ve done in the past:

  • Movie, museum, or concert tickets
  • Arcade coins
  • Tickets to a waterpark, amusement park, mini-golf, go-carts, trampoline park, etc.
  • Enrollment in an activity, class, or lesson
  • Gift card for pottery making, a painting night, or another crafty experience
  • Gift card to a mani or pedi
  • Free Pass for a day-date with Mom or Dad (or both!)

Craft or Art Supplies

In our home, we do lots of coloring, drawing, painting, and gluing. For us these are perfect gifts because they’ll be used again and again. Here are some of our favorites!


We recently started having an occasional family “game night.” An inexpensive and fun way to have a blast as a family. Our kids are 4, 6, 9, and 11; so we try to purchase games that are appropriate for all of their ages (and fun for Mom and Dad too). Here are some of our recent favorites:

Spring Is In The Air!

Those of us who live in colder climates have been stuck indoors all winter! With warmer weather coming, its time to get outdoors (yay for puddle jumping!)! Easter is the perfect time to give your kids the adorable gifts of rain gear and bubbles!

Vacation or Beach Gear

Heading on a vacation to warm weather soon (if so…I’m jealous!)? Or just eagerly waiting for Summer? Hang tight Mamas, the sunshine is just around the corner! We love giving beach-themed gifts for Easter. We live a mile from the beach and spend our Summer days in the sand. Checkout our beach favorites:


Fact: Toys clutter our homes! I know we’re trying to avoid clutter. But I have to share some of our all-time favorite toys that have lasted us for years, through all 4 kids, both the boys and girls.

Tween Girls

Our oldest is about to turn 11. You guys, she’s over toys and is obsessed with all things “VSCO Girl” (I had to google that phrase a few months ago because I’m old). Here are some items we’ve given her recently for Christmas and her birthday. She loves them all.

  • Hydro Flask Water Bottle (Moms, do not! I repeat DO NOT, purchase a knock-off version of this. You may think its the same thing. It is NOT the same. It must…MUST be a Hydro Flask – insert my eye roll)
  • Water Bottle Stickers (Mom tip: there’s a ton in this pack. Save some for birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, etc)
  • Wet Brush
  • Piggy Paint Nail Polish (Its a bit pricey but we love that its toxic-free!)

Keep it simple

I’ve listing many suggestions here, but keep in mind to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Our kids’ baskets will likely each consist of 2 gifts along with some sweet treats. Don’t feel pressured to keep up with what your Mommy-friends give to their kids. Mama, YOU DO YOU!

What are some of your clutter-free gift ideas for Easter? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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