Best Outdoor Toys For Kids

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is finally here! And given the COVID-19 quarantine we’re all under, there’s never been a better time to get the kiddos out of our houses and into the yard! Rain or shine, we will be outdoors as much as possible!

With social distancing in full-force, playgrounds are off limits. So I wanted to share the outdoor toys my four kids have loved for years! All are perfect for the yard or driveway!

Cabin Fever At An All Time High

I don’t know about you, but on days we’re forced to be cooped up indoors, we all lose our minds.

Siblings bicker, they become bored and act out, and things become physical (non-stop wrestling matches) because of their pent up energy!

Thank God For Spring!

One thing I know for sure, the more outdoor play my four children have, the more sane and happy we all are (especially me!).

Their brains and bodies thrive in the fresh air. The sounds of nature soothe their over-stimulated minds. And the break from technology is good for everyone!

Outdoor spaces encourage their creativity, allowing their imaginations to run wild! Its also a fantastic way to burn all the energy those little creatures seem to have endless amounts of.

Our Family’s Favorite Outdoor Toys

Here is our list of favorite outdoor toys we’ve enjoyed for years.

Dollar Tree Cooking Utensils 

So not officially “toys” – but I promise endless play with these kitchen utensils. Dirt and grass soup, rock muffins and so much more. My kids will spend hours in our yard with these!

Water Table

There’s something about water play that is so peaceful for kids. Water tables shouldn’t be limited to just water. Think sand or dirt! And during “indoor” months, it can be brought inside to be used as a sensory table with dry rice or beans.

Sidewalk Chalk

Artwork on the driveway, tic-tac-toe, even great for practicing writing letters and numbers!

Kraft Paper Roll

Yes…art outdoors! We tape this paper to our fence or side of our house and the kids paint away. The sights, sounds, and smells of nature bring out their best creativity!

Toy Lawn Mower

A favorite of ours for years! When my husband mows the lawn, one of our kids also “mows” along with this fun toy!

Bubble Machine

Kids love bubbles. Period.

Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride On

Want to watch your kids giggle with belly laughter? This is so much fun!

Water Balloons

Why didn’t I think of this invention? Filling these balloons up is a breeze and there’s nothing better than a good ole’ water balloon fight! Parents – get in the game with the kids!

Micro Mini Scooter

All four of our kids have used these scooters! Fantastic for working on balance! Pure fun!

Stomp Rocket

Burst some energy out while stomping this rocket high in the air!

Geometric Climbing Dome

A bit more of an investment…but endless entertainment! We’ve had ours for years. We find its best for kids 3 and older!

Tether Tennis Set

This is portable. We even bring it to the beach occasionally. Fill it with sand or water to add weight to the base.

I’d love to hear what your kids’ favorite outdoor toys are! Comment below and share your ideas!

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