A Little About Me…


 Hi Moms. I’m so happy you’re here.

Isn’t motherhood beautiful? But isn’t it also brutal?

Moms, You are safe here…

I promise to make this space a safe place you can come when you feel lonely, need advice or inspiration, want to laugh, or are looking for comfort from another Mama who gets you.

A Little Of My story…

I want to share a little about myself, because I think we may have a lot in common.

I’m a Mama to 4 kiddos – Avery (11), Willy (9), Declan (6) and Nev (4). Wife to teacher and summertime bartender, Will (41). I’m a full-time Mama, and own a business, Wheee Get Fit & Play Stroller Fitness. I’m a beach lover, self-proclaimed ambivert (part introvert part extrovert), and consistently gained 60 pounds with each of my 4 pregnancies (still hanging on to 20 of those lbs and kinda okay with it).

Mothering with Anxiety…

I’m eleven years into motherhood, and about to turn the big 4-0. Moms, for the first time in my life, I’m digging down deep and doing some much needed self-work (and to say I’m a major “work in progress” is an understatement).

You see, like many of you, I’ve always suffered from anxiety. And this anxiety peaked once I became a Mom. But unfortunately our society has convinced us Moms to feel shame for being anything but “all good.” (Checkout my post about why I believe moms so often suffer alone).

I Hid My Pain, So Well, For So Long…

I did what a lot of us Mamas do…I hid my pain. Sound familiar? I ran on autopilot – and from the outside, it looked like I was nailing the Mommy/business owner thing. In fact, I even convinced myself that I was “all good.” But I wasn’t. My anxiety was wreaking havoc on my heart and soul and showing itself through self-neglect and isolation. (To read more about my battle with anxiety, checkout my extremely vulnerable post).

Shedding The Chains Of Anxiety…

How am I working on me? Well, its not a perfectly smooth sail, that’s for sure! But I’m looking inward and finally listening to my own needs, wants, and desires. I’ve found a fantastic therapist who helps me dig through the layers. I’ve been reading (and by read…I mean listen to audiobooks. Because we all know, the moment a Mom sits to read or relax, little children subconsciously stop what they’re doing, and creep all over us).

I’ve cut back on our family’s schedule because busy has been my catalyst for numbing and allowing the anxiety to brew and fester. I’m taking time for me to have fun. Yes – I had forgotten about fun for a long time! But now, I’m having drinks with girlfriends, dating my husband, and re-discovering things that bring me joy (see my “Happy List”).

As you can imagine, this isn’t a simple mission as a Mom. And old habits die hard. But Moms, I’m doing this! I’m on this journey of nurturing myself to finally find peace and happiness from within.

Will You Come On This Journey With Me?

If you can relate to any of what I’ve shared with you, I’d love for you to join me on this journey of beautiful and brutal motherhood. Through this space, we can work to find peace and happiness from within no matter how chaotic life may be (cause Mamas, the chaos of motherhood ain’t going anywhere, anytime soon!).

I’ll also share other tidbits that have worked for me during my 11 years of Mommy-hood. Such as “Mommy Hacks” that have literally saved my sanity (checkout my latest hack for traveling or dining out with kids without and iPad); tips for parenting peacefully (I don’t do this one perfectly – but I really try!); kiddo-friendly yet healthy recipes; ways to sneak in self-care between the nursing, diaper changing, soccer practices, and homework; fitness for pregnant and postpartum Mamas, and so much more.

Here, I hope you find a calm break from your daily challenges. And along with me, find peace and happiness within ourselves.