A Fun Way To End Sibling Rivalry

Are your kids constantly bickering?

If so, you’re not alone!

I’ve always believed, there’s no better gift we can give our child than a sibling. A best friend for life. The truest forms of love.

Hmmm…that may be true down the road as they mature. But at this stage, there isn’t much friendship or love happening between my four children.

What we do see is jealousy, competition, bickering, annoyance, wrestling, and yelling.

Its enough to drive this Mama up the wall! Some days I’m more of a referee than a Mom!

Our two oldest (girl and boy, 2 years apart) argue with their words, glares, and yelling. Our two boys, (also two years apart) argue with their bodies. For them, its a 24-hour wrestling match!

Recently I tried a new strategy. And hallelujah, its actually working!

I call it Sibling Kindness Bingo! Its a fun game with a competitive spirit (because they will always, ALWAYS compete) that challenges and inspires them to be kind to each other.

We hang one for each child on our refrigerator and throughout the day, they try to get BINGO! Its an entertaining competition that fosters thoughtfulness and affection towards each other! Oh…and a little peace for Mama!

We find that giving a prize to the BINGO Winner isn’t even necessary. The excitement of winning is enough of a reward!

Download your FREE version of Sibling Kindness Bingo.

Do you have any fun games that help your kiddos through the challenges of sibling rivalry? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!




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